This is a personal website of Alexander Richter, Founder & Principal of ThinkGeoEnergy & President of the International Geothermal Association (IGA)

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A short overview on ThinkGeoEnergy.

Founded in late 2008, ThinkGeoEnergy, is a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities.


The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally.


It is the key news source for all major players in the industry, as well as financial players, government organizations and related players, e.g. in the oil and gas sector.


Website: http://thinkgeoenergy.com/


In 2012, ThinkGeoEnergy launched a Spanish language news service for the geothermal industry in Spanish speaking countries under the brand  Piensa En Geotermia. Website: http://www.piensageotermia.com
A new Turkish version of the website is currently being worked on.


I founded ThinkGeoEnergy in 2008 as an online news platform focused on the geothermal energy market, giving the sector a voice and promoting the opportunities provided by geothermal energy development.
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Piensa en Geotermia nace el día 4 de Junio de 2012 siguiendo los pasos de ThinkGeoEnergy, con la peculiaridad de centrarse en los países de habla de hispana.
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Jeotermal Enerji Araştırmaları ve Haberlerinde Lider.
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