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Photos speak the world – or the power of imagery


Photos speak the world – or the power of imagery

Design sense, images are more and more crucial in today’s marketing and branding world. Value proposition speaks through pictures.

The geothermal sector has been struggling to get attention for a long long time, part of this is the lack of concise marketing, but also the lack of availability of good photography.

The pictures existing of geothermal plants are often from the plants in Iceland or New Zealand. So you will find often images from those two countries on international promotional material by e.g. the International Geothermal Association or even national associations. Particularly the latter is a shame. The United States for example has a large number of plants and still one can find a lot of promotional material with images of plants outside of the U.S.

So for the past few years I have been collecting pictures and also have been taking my own pictures of geothermal power plants. All are available for free under a creative commons license on ThinkGeoEnergy’s Flickr Page.

Yesterday, me and my fellow board members of the International Geothermal Association had the great opportunity to visit Mexico’s latest geothermal plant, the Los Azufres III Phase 1 plant. The plant has an installed capacity of 53.4 MW and is located near Morelia, Mexico.

I have posted lots of pictures on Flickr, check it out at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thinkgeoenergy/albums/72157659676279860 

This is a beautiful power plant and provides great promotional images on how beautiful geothermal power plants can look like.

So I hope the images are helpful in the promotion of geothermal energy.

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