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LXRICHTER - Alexander Richter | Elevating event social media engagement – 5 easy steps
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Elevating event social media engagement – 5 easy steps


Elevating event social media engagement – 5 easy steps

This article refers to our approach of helping the geothermal energy industry to elevate its social media presence for the most important event for the industry.

The global geothermal energy industry is holding its largest global event, the World Geothermal Congress, every five years. Held last time in Bali, Indonesia in 2010, the event will be held this year, April 19-24 in Melbourne, Australia.

Our industry has not been able to get the media attention it deserves and is also underrepresented on social media. So we thought we should try to change this and engage not only the participants of the event, but also people that cannot attend.

We are planning to cover the event greatly on ThinkGeoEnergy.com as well as our social media channels, but need the input and social media engagement from others. Therefore we created a short Social Media Guide, to test how we can make the most out of the event. I will keep you posted how it goes.

The main idea is to create as much content as possible, this in the form of pictures, videos, articles and short snippets from e.g. presentations, the trade show and social events. We even want to play with a new feature offered by Twitter, called Periscope over which we will be offering Live Video Broadcasts from several events at the congress. The videos will also be available on our Twitter account and hopefully on YouTube.

Here five major steps*:

  1. Assist where you can: we will make sure to help companies attending the event to get coverage, you can do the same. Use hashtags of the companies, share/ like/ retweet everything you feel being of value, write your own pieces, take and post pictures and videos…
  2. Hashtags and more hashtags: For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest hashtags are crucial to reach the audience .. use the hashtags #wgc2015 and #geothermal on everything you post and share, as well as the hashtags of your company or others.
  3. Be as visual as possible: Upload videos, pictures, booth pictures, people at the event, presentations, social events around the WGC etc … share your presence e.g. on LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  4. Be Personable: Make sure things you post have some personal touch so people can connect with you or your company on site in Melbourne.
  5. Ask questions and talk with participants: Share your experiences at the event and ask questions? Make things interactive and engage, this might increase traffic to your booth or allow you to arrange for meetings at the event.

Help us in sharing everything then on all the different platforms of the social media sphere … with the hashtags:

#WGC2015 #geothermal

*Shamelessly adapted from an article on Inc.com


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