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Niche media site built on a “SimCity” approach


Niche media site built on a “SimCity” approach

I am quite glad of having stumbled over an article today on the “Non-VC “SimCity” approach to growing a media business” by Danny Sullivan, shared on Facebook by our Advisory Board Member Hjalmar Gíslason. It strengthens my belief in organic and sustainable growth out of cash flow. While having at times stretched our financial situation, we have so far managed all new development out of our revenues while running our business on a shoe-string budget.

Building up your business organically might be a more sustainable approach to startups.

In October last year I published an article here on LinkedIn on “How to survive running a business in a (micro) niche market.” In the article I tried to describe my view on how we think to be able to operate a media platform for a rather small industry in the global energy context.

In the piece, I cover the key elements that we believe will help us create sufficient revenues to keep operating and this in a sustainable manner.

With our new website nearly finished, a screenshot above, we hope to finally include those elements that will help us grow and elevate our media business.

In the article by Danny Sullivan he uses the great analogy of SimCity and they way to play that game successfully was to “naturally growing [my] city slowly over time allow[ing] it to stabilise and do well.”

This is also the path I chose now nearly 6 years ago, when I founded ThinkGeoEnergy.com and intend to grow the business of our (micro) niche market media business.

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